Balloons Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check what availability Rich has?

Go to the book now page get in touch with Rich with the date you have in mind.

How much is it to hire Rich?

It depends on what you’re after, how long and where. All of his services have a rates section at the bottom of the relevant page, or you can check out the prices page.

Where is Rich based and how far does he travel?

Rich is based in central Exeter and will travel anywhere within 10 miles of Exeter for free. He’d be willing to travel to any venue what ever the location, but each extra mile is charged at 40p to cover expenses and time.

Does Rich have a DBS check?


Children of any age can choke on balloons if they breathe them in while trying to blow them up, or if they chew on deflated or broken balloons. Very young children are more prone to choking injuries because they put things in their mouths and their airways are so small that they can easily get plugged.

Will everyone get a balloon model?

At public or large events, it is not possible to provide a balloon for everyone. Rich will try to judge the demand and allowing for the time constraint of the booking, choose the sophistication of the sculptures in accordance.

At parties / smaller events, if a balloon model is required for every guest, it is imperative that the client and Rich have agreed on how many people are in attendance. This is necessary to fulfil everyone within the specified time and to provide the best service. Extra pre-made balloon sculptures may be made by prior arrangement if numbers are larger than the artiste can cater for. If the number of guests exceeds the agreed amount, it may be possible for the artiste to work extra time at the appropriate rate if formally agreed.

Does Balloons Inc. make “adult” (rude) balloon models?

No, Rich is very much a family orientated entertainer and as such will only make balloon art that is family friendly. In any case, adults just love the stuff he makes, so there is no need!

Are latex balloons bio-degradable?

Yes! Latex balloons are made from the sap of the rubber tree which is a completely natural substance. It breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature, decomposing at about the same rate as an oak leaf.

Does Balloons Inc. do a stage show?

Rich’s performance is not done as a stage show but rather as an interactive, entertaining spectacle either in mix and mingle style or in a fixed location.

Can Balloons Inc. recommend other entertainers?

Yes! If you’re looking for an excellent face painter he’d recommend Miss Sparkles.